City's $305 Million Debt Burden

Poorly Designed Condos Approved By Council
Average Annual Deficit $436,000
Maclaren Debt Burden $235,000
Parkade Debt Burden $950,000
Five Points Eyesore
More Five Points Eyesore
Allandale Train Station Million Dollar Lawsuit
Here Today - Gone Tomorrow
Barrie Marina Slop
Another Five Points Eyesore
Lakeview Sinkhole
Transit Fiasco


As our City of Barrie grows, beyond the population of 140,000, the Ontario Government’s “Places to Grow” strategy for Barrie makes it crucial that our citizens and business owners display a more involved and visible role in the function and performance of our City Government. The Barrie Taxpayers Association is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan membership group dedicated to:

Championing the preservation of our City’s historic properties and natural landscape, enabling the sustainable growth of our City and insuring the delivery of necessary services from our City’s Government to the benefit of all citizens and taxpayers of Barrie.

This association of citizens and business owners is intended to engage with and guide our Mayor, Councillors, Chief Administrative Officer and Senior City Department Staff in responsible, accountable and transparent city government. Membership in our association requires residential and/or business ownership and/or be a residential or business renter within the City of Barrie. We are an inclusive organization and make every effort to consult with, collaborate with and support residents and employers located within our City to help build and sustain our City responsibly.

To become an active partner in the Barrie Taxpayers Association click JOIN US.